Acerca de mi
Maria Ines Cuadrado
I was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. As a good Buenos Aires native, I wanted to be a psychologist when I grew up, but external expectations weighed heavily. After studying some subjects of the degrees of Journalism and Sociology, I graduated in Performing Arts at the IUNA of the University of Buenos Aires. I took some courses and seminars on oral and body expression, vocal techniques for radio, radio production and journalistic interview, among others. I learned from renowned teachers as the professionals Rubens Correa, Carlos Demartino, and Eduardo Aliverti. For over 15 years I was trained in the Conscious System for the movement technique of Fedora Aberastury with María Inés Azarri. Nevertheless, I didn’t decide to go on stage yet.
Between 1982 and 1989 I was part of theatre companies as Medio Mundo Variete and Parakultural, alternative benchmarks in the capital of Argentina, doing press work and show production.
Between 1989 and 1995 I organized and produced several cultural events such as the Dance Movement Therapy courses, inviting foreign professionals, and the Shows at the living room of the San Diego Country Club.

Maria Inés Cuadrado

Between 1996 and 1999 I decided to create the radio show Otros personajes, pequeñas historias en la gran ciudad, in 94.3 FM Palermo. I always loved some thematic areas such as the identity from the word, and immigration. In this show I interviewed immigrants from all over the world arrived in Buenos Aires, allowing them to tell their experiences... It was then, when I recited Rosalía for some Galician, when I heard the powerful and vibrant word within me, and something showed up.
After mounting the show Meniña gaiteira I realized that I needed to live in Galicia to work with the music of this language, which is also the music of my soul.
Since 2001 I live in A Coruña, under the name Axentedaspalabras (Word´s People) I participate in the cultural activity in Galicia in theatres, schools, cultural centres, as a narrator -Música de palabras, Crisálida, Palabras que trae el viento-, actress -Que no se te haga tarde, Opereta La Berenguela-, playwright -Una de piratas, Malentendidos- and theatre director -Hamelin Bom, Bom, Bom and Villa, Doubles. On TV, I colaborate with the series As viaxeiras da lúa, Mareas Vivas, Rias baixas, Maridos e mulleres among others.
Between 2004 and 2011 I took seminar courses on "Storytelling as a healing art" in Emerson College, Sussex University, taught by Nancy Mellon and Ashley Ramsden. In 2006 I took PhD courses in Galician Literature at the University of A Coruña.
I have performed on stages all over Galicia, Buenos Aires, Cali and Montevideo. I have taught courses for the University of A Coruña, the Galician School of Dramatic Art, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, IFP Luis Seoane of Pontevedra and the Galician Consortium of Equality. I have conducted storytelling workshops for host families in the Red Cross, Health Stories at Information Centres for Women, Tales as a therapeutic tool at Estudio Brecha (BS AS).
In 2012 my health changes and I start a new search. So in 2014 I take a Master in Narrative Therapy on the practices of Michael White and David Epston, at the University of Extremadura. My final work "Movement as a narrative metaphor" is the beginning of a new path that I love: art and health, the word attached to body movement to identify ourselves. As a result of this change, I work with Grupo Talento developing a mobile application for people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and I offer my workshops "Creativity and Wellness for general public" and "Body Narratives" for health professionals.
Maria Inés Cuadrado
"I like the light of Galicia, the fresh air and the furious Atlantic that cleanses body and soul... I like to feel my heart beating to the rhythm of Corrientes Street. I love working with words, giving them shape through voice, touch and sound contact... Becoming a freesia’s bell to allow other people’s words resounding in me. I live theatre. Play and illusion. The power of ephemeral. Liberating laughter producing avalanches of useless scaffolding... I look for little moments, in Buenos Aires, A Coruña or Singapore, to let myself go by the energy of real encounters."
I grew up in my grandparent´s house, in the neighbourhood of La Paternal, in Buenos Aires.
My grandmother was a great cook and my grandfather used to take us for a stroll across the bridge over the railway tracks.
When a train came, we ran across the bridge to stand just where it passed, just to make a wish.

My sister and I slept with our grandmother in the big wool bed.
Neither of us wanted to sleep in the middle, because right there, there was an elevation caused by the grandparents’ marks when sleeping.

The house faced a corner, and it had a terrace with a small room full of junk: old clothes, pictures of people I didn’t know, accounts written down on papers, sepia-toned press clippings, an old coffee grinder...
We spent our days playing under the shadow of an old grapevine.

And when the washing trough was full of water, my grandfather did something that seemed magic to me: he leant, took a small hose, put one end in the washing trough and through the other he sucked in the water and made it pull out from the trough. I loved that gesture and he knew it.

There I grew up with my Galician grandparents, quiet and wounded by emigration.
Those Galicians did not speak, but thought with a powerful word.
Because the word which is thought, even though not said, is also strong. I think I became a storyteller looking to hear those words. Because I like the stories being told by people; I like to hear their stories, better than tell them myself.