Body Narratives
Maria Ines Cuadrado

Body Narratives

We are movement. We move in space; we move with others. Even at the maximum stillness we are moving with our breath. Our blood keeps moving; our cells continue their functions through movement. Since the mother’s womb, and until the last breath, movement goes with us. On another level, the planet is in constant motion and we are with it. We can also think that we move in the stories, through them and with them. Why not taking this quality to co-build the alternative story? If you look closely, many actions inspire movement: re-member, deconstruct, externalization... The possibility of using this perspective in narrative practice presents new challenges for facilitators that can generate valuable enrichment of therapeutic conversations. The proposal of this workshop is an invitation to experience this practice.

Trainning programm "Creativity and wellnes"

General public

Storytelling – Narrative therapy – Movement techniques to feel much better, for general public

Storytelling as a healing art

The story appears in the oneiric space of creation, opening and releasing emotions. The selected stories and exercises can help to unlock feelings when we are deeply searching for well-being. By means of the technique, the storyteller works on his own story as if it were a conversation with oneself, listening what needs to be said in that story, that is, what needs to be told.

Piano Words

Nani Garcia´s show with María Inés Cuadrado

Music tell us stories, create sound spaces where to live... Music talk to us about emotions and invitate us to let it be. Piano impro whit poems from galician and argentinian authors. PIANO WORDS to be heard with our soul.

Audio: "Volviste che"

Audio: "Amizade"