Maria Ines Cuadrado



  • No se te haga tarde - a monologue to invent love - by Francisco Fernández Naval, directed by Manane Rodríguez and played by María Inés Cuadrado. 45 minutes in length. Over 13 years old.

  • Operetta for voice and clarinet quartet "The Berenguela" by Manuel María, with music by Nani García. Educational Concert on a text for children's theatre teaching how music has the ability to tell stories the same way as words. 50 minutes in length. Children 5 to 10 years..
Performance photos:
Aventuras e desventuras dunha espiña de toxo chamada Berenguela 1 Aventuras e desventuras dunha espiña de toxo chamada Berenguela 2 Aventuras e desventuras dunha espiña de toxo chamada Berenguela 3
  • Music of words: literary concert with texts of Galician poems with live music. Approximately 50 minutes in length. Over 13 years old.
Photos - Words brought by the wind
Palabras que trae o vento
Palabras que trae o vento
  • Bolboretas nas meixelas: Storytelling show with musical accompaniment.

  • Crisálida:Stories and legends about women. Approximately 50 minutes in length. For all audiences.

  • Audio:


Activities for schools and colleges

Demonstrative and participative. 50 minutes in length. Approximately 50 students.

  • Workshops on word games for storytelling

  • Mystery stories workshops

  • Expression workshop with theatre games to create situations

  • Chinese shadows workshop (see press release) (see photo)

  • Interculturality workshop

  • Galician literary stories

  • Workshop on techniques to recite poetry

  • Workshop on public speaking techniques

  • Radio workshop to create programs (news on La Voz de Galicia)

    Poem "O Bolo" by Manuel Maria:

Activities for libraries and museums

Activities for libraries and museums. Demonstrative and participative. 50 minutes in length. Approximately 80 students.


  • Children's tales

  • Teen workshops


  • Storytelling and painting workshops “Words to colours”.



Técnica Vocal
The story in the body - the body of the story: body and vocal exercises trying the resonance of the word in the body to spice up the story, exploring the foundational gestures of each story. 2 or 15 hours in length.
Vocal Technique: preparatory routine to avoid the own ailments of the profession, correct bad habits and enhance communication skills of voice. 2, 4 or 10 hours in length. Adaptable.
Técnica vocal
Técnica Expresiva

Relaxation techniques for sedentary jobs, basic flexibility exercises correcting inactivity and poor body posture. 2 or 4 hours in length.

Storytelling: dramatic, gestural, vocal and bodily resources to tell stories. Image and word games to create stories and its staging. 2, 4 or 20 hours in length. Adaptable.
Técnicas hablar en publico

Storytelling – Using stories to persuade

The dynamics of modern times demand the establishment of a fierce attention economy, in which receivers decide how, when, where and to whom they give their valuable time. In this context the senders, at the personal, professional or community levels, should define their attractiveness, impact and persuasion for being differentiated with a distinctive and personal message.

One of the increasingly relevant resources in the context of the current company is the use of stories in oral presentations, both as personal anecdotes and stories, or invented as traditional tales where the archetypal figures enhance the speech to be issued.


  • Demonstrative exhibition: for large groups, showing the different techniques of this art, 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours in length, ideally for executives or business people.

  • Practical day: for small groups (with a maximum of 20 people), where participants will be able to create a story to be applied in their professional field, internalizing the technique and raising their abilities to apply it, 4 hours in length.

The budgets for these activities will be set according to the specific needs of the courses organized for this institution.

Scenic communication: Skills for an effective speaker

Aim: To provide resources for a proper oral presentation, such as how to organize a speech, gestures, intonation, posture, bad habits, body image, how to prevent voice problems, controlling fear of public speaking using tools for an effective communication stage... This proposal stands out because of the implementation of stage techniques to achieve optimal results.

Methodology: 5, 10 or 15 hours seminars, according to the needs.

Target: business people, executives, lawyers, politicians, candidates for competitive examinations, Members of Congress and everyone needing assistance to improve their stage control and to effectively convey a message due to their position.

NOTE: Press release on the Seminar in Betanzos from the newspaper La Opinión de A Coruña (Click to read the article).

Training Program “MotivArte”

How can we deal with obstacles such as fatigue, discouragement, disinterest or procrastination?

The MotivArte training program aims the achievement of individual and group dynamics by implementing stage techniques. This practice allows us to work from the standpoint of humour by disarming defences and prejudices; it also helps us to regain playability to work on criticism offering a different view of the above circumstances. Thus we will be implementing tools that allow us to generate our own motivation using art as a change agent.